What To Look For When Shopping For Eco-Friendly Lunch Gear

Without a doubt, lunch is a critical meal. What you eat at lunch determines the type of fuel your body has to power through the rest of your work day and controls whether you get over that afternoon slump or feel like crawling under your desk. I get the most energy from fresh, healthy meals that I make at home and bring to work. I reserve a little bit of time each night, or a few hours on Sunday, for packing my lunch to help me stay on track nutritionally. That being said, what I use to pack up my healthy meal also matters. With reusable lunch gear, I’m able to save money, avoid toxic chemicals, and protect the environment.

Paper bags, plastic sandwich bags, straws, and utensils…there’s a lot of avoidable waste you may be packing with your lunch. But don’t fret because there are lots of great alternatives to these disposables as well as much safer materials to use than plastic, which tends to melt and morph in the microwave and leak chemicals. Keeping sustainability and food-safe qualities at top of mind, here are some of the best eco-friendly lunch gear items to look for this year.