What Goes Through Your Mind When You Text Someone You Really Like

The life of an over-thinker is not easy, especially when your heart is on the line. The smallest, most minute detail of every conversation, passing glance, and encounter (both real and imagined) are dissected and analyzed, usually with one glaring realization: you still don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

You’d think it’d get easier after the first date, becauseYAY! the person you like actually likes you enough to spend time together voluntarily. But nope, the stakes — and the panic — just get higher.

man looking at cell phone confused

The first text afterward is especially crucial. It has to express your interest without coming on too strong, showcase your wit without being cheesy, and basically present your best self possible while somehow staying totally casual.

Jason Kessler and Eric Mann created a video, “Over Thinker – The Texting Game,” that perfectly demonstrates the agony of that first text. Full disclosure: around the 2:36 mark I snorted with laughter at my desk in a quiet office. But it’s worth the weird look from your coworkers, trust me.

[h/tElite Daily]

​Photo sources: YouTube video

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