What Goes Through Your Mind the First Time You Spend the Night Together

Over thinkers can’t help but hyper-focus on every little decision, situation, and relationship in their lives. In fact, merely reading that sentence will push most over thinkers into a frenzy of increasingly anxious questions:

Wait, is that what I do? That’s totally what I do, isn’t it? Is it messing up my relationships? What if I’m slowly driving everyone away? Am I standing in the way of my own happiness? Should I call my mom? Or wait, should I eat something first, since it’ll probably be a long phone call? Hmm, do I want popcorn or cereal? I should probably have a salad, right?

So when an over thinker is put into a situation that would make anyone feel a little nervous — such as the morning after spending the night at your crush’s home — it’s like DEFCON 5.

Eric Mann and Jason Kessler, the duo behind the YouTubecomedy video channel “Funny Cult,” demonstrated this perfectly in their video, “Over Thinker – The Morning After.”

At first, the Over Thinker is just grateful to be with a woman so out of his league… and then the doubt starts seeping in.
over thinker video the morning after

“Maybe she lost a bet.”

“Maybe this is, like, a random act of kindness or something.”

“Maybe I died, and this is heaven?”

“Or maybe she died, and this is her hell…”

And then his stomach starts making those telltale noises — the kind that you should really be home alone to deal with and not at your crush’s house for the first time. Pretty sure we’ve all been there, right? See what happens to the Over Thinker next:

Photo source: Funny Cult YouTube video