This Woman’s Road to “Perfect”: Baby Food, Colonics, Boot Camp

In just 10 weeks, university student Madeleine Humphries tried just about every crazy fad diet, beauty treatment, and grueling exercise regimen out there.

She spent a week eating nothing but baby food. She froze in ice baths and sweated through an “Inch Loss” body wrap. She did the Master Cleanse and got eyelash extensions. Why? To find out whether achieving the kind of “perfection” idealized by society — the kind that these extreme methods supposedly lead to — is possible, and worth it.
adult woman eating baby food

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The result of her experiment is a participatory style documentary called Am I Perfect?, which she and fellow film student Kate Paul created for a film class at the Queensland University of Technology, according to Yahoo! Shine. Check out the trailer:

“How hard could perfect really be?” she asks at the beginning. That look on her face after the first bite of baby food suggests — pretty damn hard. And yet, that one wasn’t even the worst diet, she says. This is what she told Mornings with Sonia David in an interview:

Definitely the most ridiculous, the one that went against common sense and it felt like it went against human nature was the Master Cleanse… It was awful. It made me feel so miserable, low energy, I couldn’t do anything. I was just in bed most days and it really made me feel bad.”
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And even though, as Sonia points out, she dropped two dress sizes in the process, Humphries is quick to point out that it wasn’t worth it:

“I’m your average girl, I have university, I work, I have to make my way. I want to enjoy social life and I want to just live, and doing this extreme experiment and these regimes, I wasn’t living and I wasn’t happy.”

What did make her happy was finding the aspects she enjoyed in her experiments, like CrossFit workouts, and learning how to fit them into her life without going to the extreme.

But that wasn’t the biggest lesson she learned about perfection. This was:

Perfection isn’t what society tells you you should look like and it isn’t what the celebrities look like. It’s how you feel inside when you’re happy. That’s what I found throughout this process,” she shares.

am i perfect documentary

Photo source: Am I Perfect? Facebook page

I’m dying to see this documentary! The title alone immediately drew me in — even after all of those crash diets, workouts, and hardcore beauty treatments (she got her freckles LASERED OFF, you guys), it’s still a question. “Am I perfect?” That really says it all.

Follow the Am I Perfect? Facebook page for more information about the documentary and potentially (hopefully!) seeing it online soon.