This Man’s Hobby Will Inspire You Off Your Couch

While his daytime job is an Affiliate Marketer for digital media companies, in his spare time Jamie Wedow not only skis, but flies planes across the country performing aerobatic feats with flips and turns. You know, because that’s No Big Deal… ahem.

Wedow worked on this particular video for a couple of weeks — shooting footage on his GoPro while soaring all over. He then edited the shots together to the (awesomely chosen) song, “This Is What It Feels Like” by Armin van Buuren.

I also intensely appreciate that the name of Wedow’s video is “17,000 ft Dance Party“:

Even though I’m from the back woods of Alaska (where it’s not uncommon for folks to get pilot licenses and fly in their spare time) I have to say, I’ve never seen recreationally flying quite like this — and never from these heights.

So in case you forgot in all the hubbub of this week, just remember: it’s a big beautiful world out there and there’s always time for exploring.


Photo via Vimeo

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