This Italian Soccer Team Did the Most Beautiful Thing for a Woman Who Lost Her Husband and Son

Anyone who’s lived through a World Cup can tell you soccer fans have got heart. But what we don’t hear about as much is how much heart the soccer players have for their fans — like this Italian team who did something so incredibly beautiful for the family of two of their fallen fans. (h/t Reddit Forza)

Father and son, Stefano and Cristiano, were killed in a scooter accident while driving home from A.S. Roma‘s Champions League game. Stefano and Cristiano were devoted fans to the game and to their team.

Their tragic deaths left Stefano’s wife, Luana, a widow and their young daughter Michelle, without a brother.

That’s when Luana and her daughter received an invitation to A.S. Roma’s next game. When they arrived, they found every Roma player and staff member was wearing a t-shirtwith a photo of Stefano and Cristiano on it— a photo that had been taken at the last game they saw.

Soccer Team Italy Mourning Father Son Wife Mother Widow Moment of Silence

Reddit / Imgur

The team then stood for a moment of silence.

As one Redditcommenter wrote, “Those eyes are of someone who has not stopped crying” (speaking of Luana). And I’d guess that assessment is right.

“After I lost my sister in a car crash 13 years ago,” another commenter wrote, “my eyes looked like this for 6 months straight,”

Here’s hoping Luana, her daughter, and the rest of Stefano and Cristiano’s family are able to take some comfort in knowing they are not alonein their mourning.