This Is How Sweden Does a Mommy & Me Yoga Class

I clearly haven’t been doing enough homework, because I had no idea how amazing Sweden’s equality situationwas until about five minutes ago. Thanks to a new ad by Wasa Crispbread, I’ve learnedthat Swedish men get six months of paternity leave. That’s right, folks. Six months. (h/t Creativity Online)

This ad is part of a series Wasa Crispbread is doing where an American woman explores Sweden. In this latest episode, she explores a Mommy Me yoga class to find she’s the only woman.

The commercial itself is a little odd (what with babies fetching crisps in the middle of yoga class and a not so subtle plug for the idea of “healthy Swedish lifestyle”), but I love that the question is finally posed by the American woman, “Where are all the mommies?”

“This is Sweden,” one of the Swedish dad answers. “We have something called Pappaledighet. It’s where the daddies stay at home for six months while the mommies are working.”

I thought for sure this had to be an exaggeration…

Dad Baby Yoga Mom Class Curtain Window Sweet

Nope. It’s not. Take a look at this Economist article from last month called “Why Swedish men take so much paternity leave.”

Over the last 20 years, Sweden has revolutionized maternity/paternity leave by creating an incentive program where the parents get more time off if they split the time more equally. And you know what happened? A ripple effect:

Since Swedish men started to take more responsibility for child rearing, women have seen both their incomes and levels of self-reported happiness increase. Paying dads to change nappies and hang out at playgrounds, in other words, seems to benefit the whole family,” The Economist explains.

Cue my immediate booking of flights to Sweden. If you need me I’ll be basking in the glory of their gender equality, kbye.

Watch the Wasa Crispbread ad here:

[Lead photo via Creativity Online]

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