The “Weird” Things People Secretly Find Attractive About You

There are the physical traits society deems attractive, like symmetrical features, thinness, and thick hair. But they don’t always match up to the things that drive us wild on an individual level.

I think we can all agree that celebs like Scarlett Johansson and Taye Diggs are undeniably hot, but on a deeper level, one man’s beard is another woman’s big nose.

Stumbling on this Reddit thread on weird things that people find attractive was a real revelation for me. It starts with one admission — “I find crooked teeth REALLY attractive in women” — and then over 1,000 people jumped in to comment on their own secret passions. Then I found another physical-traits thread that even more people weighed in on.

Inspired by this, I polled the ladies at WorldLifestyle for the secret, quirky things they find attractive in others. Here are some of their responses:

“Bald, athletic men.”

“BEARDS… It’s like once you go beard you never go back. A prime bearded man will definitely catch my attention along with a [good] haircut OR long hair.”

Photo source: Instagram

“Poor eyesight. Men, I find your dependency on glasses so dang attractive and I don’t want you to wear contacts. DON’T. DO IT…”

“Strong forearms.”

“Burly arms and a little belly.”

“Clenched jaw muscles. Think Channing Tatum.”

channing tatum clenched jaw muscles

Photo source: Pinterest

Note that many of these answers are only “weird” compared to what society defines as conventionally attractive — but as you can see, everybody’s got their somethin’.

These are just some of the top comments from both of the Reddit threads:

“Massive amounts of freckles.”

“Also, big hands on girls, and just generally SUPER tall women.”

“Eyebrows. A man with thick eyebrows is great in my books.”

“Pale women. I find them extremely attractive.”

“I prefer women with a fuller figure.”

“Man with a big, prominent nose.”

“Freckles on guys = ladyboner.”

jensen ackles freckles
Photo source:Fan Forum

“BEARDS! Wild, bushy, huge, unruly, filled-with-twigs-because-you’ve-been-trippin-on-mushrooms-in-the-woods kinda beard.”

“Soft bellies on women.”

“A man’s shoulder-blades. I guess it’s the way they shift and slide under the skin when a guy’s arms are moving. Sexy!”

“I like guys who are muscular but also a little bit fat.”

“Girls that are dirty because they have been working with machinery. I did engineering in college and something about a girl in greasy overalls with bits of sward in their hastily tied-back hair was just a massive turn on.”

“I guess this shouldn’t be weird, but I like women with natural body hair.”

“I like bald guys.”

“I think women with bald heads are really attractive.”

“I’ll just say it and I think this speaks for itself: Steve Buscemi. ALL OF IT. I know, I’m weird, I know.”

steve buscemi wikipedia
Photo source: Wikipedia

“I like tall, thin men. Ones that would make other think ‘creepy.’ I love it. Especially blondes.”

“Thighs that touch together. Most guys don’t relate so I don’t bring it up too often but that’s the ‘weird’ trait that I like (READ: It’s my kryptonite).”

“Basically, I like women who are as masculine as possible without having a penis.”

“Girls with mildly hairy arms.”

“Chest hair. I like chest hair on my man. I love to run my fingers through it.”

“For some reason blonde hair with dark eyebrows is attractive to me.”

“A girl with slightly crossed eyes.”

“Short guys / generally small guys. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because sometimes I want to be the big spoon!”

“Back dimples.”

“Girls with glasses are so fucking sexy I can’t stand it…”

tina fey 30 rock liz lemon
Photo source: Dr. Jay’s

“Big feet on a lady are fantastic.”

“As a woman with short hair, I love other women with short hair. I think it’s adorable and I always want to run my fingers through it.”

So what are your “weird” turn-ons?

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