The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Menu for Lazy People

Have you ever been to a Super Bowl party that didn’t include snacks? No, of course not, because that would be unfathomable. At least half of the people at any given Super Bowl party only show up because of the snacks (and the excuse to start drinking in the middle of the day).

So basically, if you somehow got talked into hosting a Super Bowl gathering of your own this weekend, you’re going to need snacks. A lot of them. It could easily turn into hours of shopping and prep work and cooking, when all you really want to do is lounge on the couch with a beer and some pretzels.

If that’s the case, Fusion has a solution for you: “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Super Bowl Snacks.”

In this video, reluctant party host Akilah Hughes shows us how to prepare three different snack options with as little energy, enthusiasm, and financial burden as possible because, as she explains, “Who cares? You’re not getting paid to do this.”

Hands down, the laziest snack on her list has to be “cheese sticks,” which is literally just string cheese cut in half. Not even a whole string cheese per person! You have to admire that kind of lazy courage.