The Most Adorable Way to Announce You Just Adopted a Puppy

To some, the act of adopting a dog may not seem like a big deal. But if that’s the case, I’m guessing they’ve never had a dog because IT’S A VERY BIG DEAL. Not only is a doga huge responsibility but also they’re practically guaranteed to make your life 3x more fulfilling.

That’s why I loved seeing this photo posted today on Reddit. Its only caption read:

“My old housemate announcing he got a dog.” /

“Every superhero needs a sidekick. Introducing Max!!” the sign reads, with the owner and puppy in matching red capes. (I can’t even, the dog’s face is too cute.)

In this age of elaborate prom proposals, and hilarious baby announcements, I say, Why not have a dog adoption announcement?! Because when you adopt a dog, you do suddenly have a family wherever you are. And, for those first few months, puppies can be just as much work as some babies.

Just the other day I was talking to my friend (who is in his first year of owning his very first dog) and he was saying how awesomely different it is from when he lived sans a pet. Now there’s always someone there to share every domestic part of his day.

“Getting up for the day? Allow me to show you how happy that makes my tail.”

“Making breakfast? Let me stare at you intensely until you laugh.”

“Going for a walk? YES YES YES!!!”

Even the most mundane of things can become special with a dog around. So, yes, I love that this man made a hilarious announcement. He clearly understands how big of a difference thisdog is going to make in his life.