Take a Digital Detox at These 10 Off-the-Grid Retreats

Are your eyes bloodshot after spending hour after hour on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet (or all three)? Do you ever feel like you’ve bookmarked way too many pages to read and can’t catch up, or that you’ve disconnected from the sensory world? Do you feel like you’re almost too accessible and never have any “me time”?

Perhaps it’s time for a digital detox — as in, literally unplugging so you can recharge and reboot. By doing so, you can reassess your relationship with technology while recreating balance in your life. Momentarily detach yourself from the constant inundation of information you have at your fingertips and observe what you’ve been missing out on in the “real” world.

According to an organization called Digital Detox, there are numerous health benefits to a technology fast, including the reduction of anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, blood pressure, and poor sleep. You’ll also experience a spurt in creativity, efficiency, personal growth, empathy, and gratitude.

Since it’s not easy shunning technology altogether in our completely machine-saturated world, consider jumpstarting your detox by visiting a resort, retreat, or spa that offers a digital detox.

Here’s a list of our favorite locations to consider. Note: even if the retreat isn’t specifically meant for tech-free vacations, each of these offers plenty of opportunities to delve deeply into nature and enjoy a digital detox.

Lake Placid Lodge

Lake Placid, NY
lake placid lodge

Enjoy yourself any way you want in the Adirondack Park, which holds 46 mountains over 4,000 feet high, 3,000 lakes and ponds, and 30,000 miles of river and stream to explore. (Lake Placid Lodge)

Red Mountain Resort

Ivins, Utah
red mountain resort

Hike, bike, and clear your mind among the red and white Navajo sandstone capped by an overlay of black lava rock. For more information, check out our review of Red Mountain Resort as well. (Red Mountain Resort)

Tanque Verde Ranch

Tucson, AZ
tanque verde ranch

Enjoy a serene horseback ride, treat yourself to a cranberry pomegranate body wrap and massage, go fishing, or simply enjoy the sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and deserts. (Tanque Verde Ranch)

Camp Grounded

Anderson Valley, CA

camp grounded

Engage in a writing session (with a pen and notepad of course), dance under the moonlight, tell stories around a campfire with new friends, and read your favorite paperback on a hammock. (Camp Grounded)

New Camaldoli Hermitage

Big Sur, CA
new camaldoli hermitage

Explore your spiritual side in this amazing, expansive space overlooking the Pacific Ocean and meditate in a grand oak forest. (New Camaldoli Hermitage)

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Riverside County, CA
glen ivy hot springs

Take a peaceful walk through the Labyrinth, a one-way-out road so you can slow down, tune out the noise and stress of daily living, and truly listen to your own mind. (Glen Ivy Hot Springs)


Red Feather Lakes, CO


Literally and figuratively walk down the paths of personal health and renewed awareness within the plentiful pine and aspen forests, surrounded by the grand peaks of the Colorado Rockies. (Shambhala)

Hawaii Island Retreat

Kapaau, HI
hawaii island retreat

Take in the breathtaking views of the soaring evergreens and deeply breathe in the ocean breezes. Unwind on 50 acres of gardens, wild groves, and ancient valley trails. (Hawaii Island Retreat)

Breitenbush Hot Springs

Oregon Cascades
breitenbush hot springs

Nourish your body with vegetarian cuisine and free your mind with daily well-being programs, including meditative guided hikes along such trails as “The Gorge,” “Spotted Owl,” “Emerald Forest,” “Devils Peak,” and “Inner Path” that lead to ancient forest cathedrals, past river cascades, and magnificent mountain vistas. (Breitenbush Hot Springs)

Spirit Rock

Marin County, CA
spirit rock

Challenge yourself to the ultimate practice of mindfulness with daily alternating periods of sitting and walking meditations; eating and work meditations; and Dharma talks and rest periods. (Spirit Rock)