Moulin Rouge Ready

Instead of ghosts and ghouls, go glam this Halloween with a look that’s sure to turn heads. For inspiration, we took a page from Glitter Glam by Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Melanie Mills. She created a variety of looks that work perfectly for the holiday, including our favorite, the “Moulin Rouge.”

Melanie put together the look with singer Brandy as her muse, explaining, “Brandy is an amazing singer, actor, dancer, and person. Elle a une belle amie. When I found out that Brandy was going to shoot with me, I knew she could embody the famous Josephine Baker. I styled this image from a Rene Gruau lithograph called “Lido Bonjour La Nuit” that I have hanging on my wall, which to me embodies the style and feel of Josephine Baker. I was just waiting for the right girl to stumble into my modern version of the print. I was lucky enough to find an original Lido showgirl costume, on which we sewed fifty beautiful ostrich boas… It was magical! This is another timeless look that is perfect for going to see a show or making a statement while ringing in the New Year.”

How to Master the “Moulin Rouge” Look:

moulin rouge makeup

Apply foundation to the face, eyes, neck, and ears.

– Contour from the eyebrow down the sides of the nose, under the jawline, and in the hollow under the upper cheekbones, using a dark brown contour color.

– Apply a bright red cream blush to the cheeks up towards the temples; to give a good flush, create a big circle at the apple of the cheeks and blend in.

– Blend this all in with foundation brushes and a Beautyblender.

– With a powder puff, powder the face with a deep peach loose powder. Brush off any excess with a powder brush.

– Using an angled eye shadow brush with clear wax and a dark brown eyebrow shadow, draw a beautiful arch; keep the brow lighter toward the beginning, getting darker and more defined from arch to end.

– With an eye shadow brush, apply a white shimmery loose pigment to the lid and crease from the tear duct to under the brow.

– Using a crease eye shadow brush, apply a rich brown loose pigment to the outer crease, blending up and out. Use a clean eye shadow brush to blend to ensure a beautiful fade.

– Line the upper lash line with a heavy cat line using a black gel liner and an eyeliner brush. Line the inside lower waterline as well.

– Curl the lashes and apply mascara.

– Apply two sets of really plush strip lashes, one different from the other, to create texture, using dark Duo lash glue.

– Apply mascara again.

– Go over the lash line with a black gel liner. This intensifies and helps to hide the band.

– Line the lips and fill in with a cranberry red lip liner.

– Apply a creamy ruby-red lipstick.

– Apply a deep bronze gold body makeup all over the body and a touch on the upper cheekbones.

“This is another timeless look that is perfect for going to see a show or making a statement while ringing in the New Year.”