If Your Husband’s Mad at You for Using “His” Towel, This Is How You Fix It

This will probably not be covered in Rom Coms 101, but sometimes couples fight over really silly things — like towels.

Today, a man on Reddit posted the following photo with this caption:

“Wife and I had an argument over her using my towel. Woke up this morning to this.”

couple fight over towel married letter hilarious movie reference

Reddit / Imgur

If you didn’t get the reference, thiswife’s letter is a pretty fantastic adaptation of the chant/prayer that starts at 57 seconds into this clip from thewar dramaFull Metal Jacket:

“I’m pretty sure you lost this fight buddy,” a commenter wrote to the husband, to which the husband responded:

“She absolutely wins… not that anyone is keeping count… marriage isn’t about being right or wrong… right?”

I’m proud of the couples who can wake up the next day and laugh these fights off, because, Lord knows, they’re not alone in having them.

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