How to Lose Big with Biggest Loser Trainer Dolvett Quince

We all know and love Dolvett Quince from the hit weight loss show The Biggest Loser. And now the handsome trainer is sharing his philosophy on how best to shed those unwanted pounds in his new bestselling book, The 3-1-2-1 Diet: Eat And Cheat Your Way to Weight Loss.

The celebrity trainer’s program:

1. eat clean for three days

2. cheat for one day

3. eat clean for two days

4. enjoy another cheat day

This allows you to still eat the foods you love, but they’re balanced by five days a week of eating clean. The 21-day program works by manipulating the body’s usual propensity of slowing down the metabolism when calories get restricted during a weight loss endeavor.

WorldLifestyle got the dish from Dolvett on how we can drop two dress sizes in 21 days on his program.

WorldLifestyle: What are the main philosophies of the book?

Dolvett Quince: The book shows people how timing when you eat, and what you eat, can help you lose weight! It also includes fun workouts and recipes.

biggest loser dolvett quince

WL: What makes this so different from all the other weight loss books out there?

DQ: This book is a lifestyle, not a diet! It doesn”t deprive you of enjoying things you love to eat; instead, it insists on it, to benefit a fast metabolism.

WL: What would be the main mistakes that people could make doing this program?

DQ: Most people may love the diet philosophy, but they will not be successful if they don”t commit to the exercise inside the book as well.

WL: Tell us one of your favorite success stories from someone following the 3-1-2-1 Plan.

DQ: I just read a letter the other day. Someone wrote [that by] following the program, she lost 15 pounds in 15 days! Not to mention she and her husband did it together!

WL: What have you loved most about this season of The Biggest Loser?

DQ: As trainers this season, we chose the contestants, which made it real personal real quick! Then there was the fact that their stories were so compelling. Getting to know these warriors makes me love coming to work every day!

WL: Were you disappointed to see Ruben Studdard be eliminated for the second time? Do you think he’ll be able to lose the weight by himself?

DQ: As long as I”m breathing, my friend will never be by himself. I”ve provided my resources to see that he is successful. Guess you have to wait until [the] finale to see!

WL: What are your resolutions/dreams/aspirations for 2014?

DQ: My resolution: be better than yesterday!

My aspiration: to lead a global army of motivated movers!

My dream: I live it every day!

You can get Dolvett’s book, The 3-1-2-1 Diet: Eat And Cheat Your Way To Weight Loss, here. Catch The Biggest Loser every Tuesday on NBC at 9/8c.