Here’s What Christmas Looks Like When You Have a Toddler

It’s that time of year again — you know, the one where we confuse the hell out of our pets as we bring in large truncated plants into our homes. I’m talking about Christmas trees. And it’s a pretty fantastic tradition.

But if you find, that this year, you have a small person living with you who (unlike last year) is much more mobile in the way of making a mess, you could have some problems when it comes to the really nice ornaments.

This morning, one parent posted the below photo to Redditwith the following caption:

“We have a toddler this year.” As someone who has spent some time around those of a single digit age who are under 3ft tall, I immediately recognized this as a hilarious and timeless practice. But! If the notion of only half decorating your tree is too depressing, the other option would be the classic playpen-around-the-tree trick, as one commenter suggested.

Like this: christmas tree playpen pinterest

It looks like Christmas is saved.

What are some of your chuckle-worthy Christmas-toddlerexperiences?(Don’t worry, venting is healthy.)