Healthy Options That Are Actually Ruining Your Teeth

I recently grew fond of sparkling water, pouring it into stemless wine glasses for an added effect. What fun it’s been to elegantly sip my bubble water, content in the fact that I have swapped Pellegrino for Diet Coke.

It turns out that while my body thanks me kindly for the switch, my teeth might be suffering as a result. Dr. Debra Glassman, who counts Jennifer Hudson and Randy Jackson among her high-profile patients, warns that there are more foods to be conscious of aside from the usual suspects when it comes to your tooth enamel.

“It’s not just drinks like soda drinks or red wine that can cause Acid Erosion,” Dr. Glassman says. “Most people are surprised to learn that healthier food choices, like fruit (e.g., oranges, apples, and lemons), fruit juices, energy drinks, vitamin waters, even sparkling water with lemon, can increase the risk of Acid Erosion.”

However, don”t drop the fruit, Dr. Glassman says.

“The important take-away for the public is that you don’t have to make any dramatic changes to mitigate your risk of Acid Erosion; there are simple solutions to help prevent further loss,” she says.

Before you Google “What to do when your teeth go to sh*t,” know that only your dentist can determine the signs of acid erosion, which are: 1) weakened tooth enamel 2) thinning, transparent teeth 3) yellowing and 4) dull enamel.

Dr. Glassman offers a few ways to prevent further loss:

1) Don’t swish acidic foods in your mouth for too long (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway because it’s kind of gross/rude).

2) Don’t get hopped up on carbonated drinks too often. When you do, use a straw.

3) Don’t brush your teeth right after eating or drinking, and be sure to use a soft-bristled tooth brush for those pearly whites.

4) Remember picking out a fluoride flavor at the dentist? Get reacquainted with your childhood friend by rinsing with a fluoride mouth wash, likePronamel‘s Flouride Rinse. That and a fluoride toothpaste ensure added protection against acidic food and drink.

The most important thing is to visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning.
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