Astonishing Images Of The 2015 Solar Eclipse Phenomenon

If you missed the spectacular natural phenomenon this morning, there are many live podcasts and videos circulating around. So be sure to rewind and catch the beauty of this unique event in time.


The partial solar eclipse was seen across Northern Africa, Europe and Northern Asia. The darkness peaked in the U.K at 9:35 AM GMT (EST 1:35 AM PST). Between 30% and 98% of sunlight was blocked variant on location.

Eclipse 2

The Faroe Islands and Svalbard in the Arctic Circle were the only places to experience a total eclipse.

solar 4

credit: NASA

The Supermoon, which occurs right before an eclipse, puts the moon closer to the earth than normal making it a sight so vivid and powerful it allows astronomers to look at the surface in greater detail.

Supermoon Creative Commons

credit: creative commons 2.0

As the moon moves directly between the Sun and Earth the alignment will determine if a partial or total eclipse is visible.

Talk about Friday Freight Night, some spectators captured some amazing sites.

Solar 1
Solar 3
Solar 5

Just a quick safety reminder: Looking directly at an eclipse can seriously damage your eyes and cause permanent blurry vision or sunspots. Special eclipse sunglasses are available to block out the harmful UV lights.