20 Foods That Keep Your Belly Happy (or Bloated) on Planes

My least favorite part of flying isn’t the long security lines or the claustrophobic seating (though both of those do, in fact, suck). It’s actually “jet bloat,” the puffy-stomach feeling that comes from flying at high altitudes — a feeling made worse once I dig into the pretzels and peanuts handed out by the flight attendants.

The only thing worse than a bloated stomach is a bloating, growling stomach, but typical airplane snacks like these only encourage the jet bloat effect. So what’s a hungry flyer to do?

Jet bloat’s uncomfortable, but it can be avoided, or at least lessened — especially if you stick to these snack tips from registered dieticians and other health experts.


Fresh fruit (apples, oranges)

Fresh veggies


Healthy beverages (plain water, coffee, or tea)

Dehydrated vegetables or dried fruit

Yogurt and Greek yogurt

Cottage cheese and string cheese

Peanut butter

Unsalted nuts

asian woman eats food on flight