10 Deliciously Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving

When your stomach is sending fast and frantic signals to your brain that it’s chocolate o’clock, you have a few options:

♦ Try to ignore it and drink a tall glass of water instead

GIF source: Giphy

(Yeah, no. Has that worked for anyone, ever?)

Okay,here are your actual options:

♦ Make a beeline for the bakery

♦ Get on that sweet 2-for-1 candy bar deal at the supermarket

♦ Opt for a sweet, chocolaty treat that also nourishes your body with nutritious ingredients

Believe it or not, option #3 really does exist, and thank goodness for that. As much as we love decadent desserts, sometimes we’d rather have a dessert that satisfies our sweet tooth without making us feel overly full.

In such times, these recipes are just what you need.